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Thank you for your interest in joining the Shining Moon Coven, You must take your spirituality serious and close to your heart and practice perfect love and perfect trust. This is not a statement to follow the "leader blindly" you do have your own voice in this group. The reason for perfect love and perfect trust is to be in a spiritual group you must trust all that are in the group as you are kindred spirits and any "off" thing can ruin the moment of a ritual/event's energies. It is very important to search inside you and see if this group/path if for you. I need to also mention this process of joining is not a quick one. You must make an effort to try to get to know the members and we to get to know you as the group needs to fit your needs and you must be comfortable as well with us.



 Membership process:


 1) You must fill out the potential members questionnaire and return in person or email to Lady Artemis. (must be 21 or over)



 2)You must attend classes, rituals/activities( for a year) We also need this time to get to know you and you need to see if this group fits your needs.


 3)All members that have not been dedicated into a coven before must take seekers class. Before entry must attend five rituals and bond with the group. 

All members vote and must  unanimous to enter this class.


3) All potential members are voted on by consensus of the circle's full members. If the vote passes unanimously you begin your process of becoming a full member of the coven.


 **Please note: your are not considered as a full member until you have had your dedication ceremony into the coven**






1) You must be 21 or over




2) You must meet with me for an interview.




3) You can come and go to any open rituals/events as you wish as long as your personality and energies fit the group.




 If you are interested in joining please email:




Put subject: Interested in Joining Group



 *membership closed at this time*