Shining Moon Coven

Frequently Asked Questions


1) Are you evil? No we are not evil, we accept all paths and are not devil worshippers, we do not believe in anything like that. We are normal people, we put our pants on just like anyone else, we might walk a different drum beat but, we don't harm.


 2) Are you Satanists? No we are not, you must believe in Satan as started above. In the old days gods like Pan who was like a goat and hooved and also Cernunnos who had antlers was often thought of as evil but, were native gods. Alot of the churches feared them. 



3) Are there open rituals? yes




4) Do you have healing circles? yes once a month at our full moon and also special ones on request if needed




5) What holidays do you celebrate? We honor turning of the seasons and esbats (the moon cycles)





2019 Sabbats

February 2nd- Imbloc - Halfway point to spring or festival of lights

March 20th-Ostara-Spring!

May 1st-Beltane- Pagan Valentine's day/courting Love

June 21-Litha-Summer!

August 1-Lammas-First Harvest Festival

September 23nd-Mabon- Fall !

October 31st-Samhain-Halloween/Day We Honor Our Ancestors

December 21st-Yule-Winter!/Longest Night Of The Year






6) Do you teach classes?  We do have free spiritual classes and I teach Reiki. Please look in the class tab for information.



 7) How can join your group? well we don't proselytize like some groups most of our members come to the group by word of mouth, friends. We do not take our spirituality lightly as members are screened very carefully to see a person's personality and energies will fit with the group. We do have a period that you can get to know the members of the group, and members to get to know you so you can be comfortable within the group. If you are interested can emai me at l Lady Artemis at and I will answer you as soon as she can. You must be 21 or over to join


 8) Why can't just anyone who  comes to circle  be a member of the coven? Well, you have to fit the energies and personalities of the group. All must get along with no issues. We are not like a  traditional church who accepts all that walk in the door.  If you have a conflict with the group,  do not mesh well with members, or a bad record you will not be admitted to the group as we are a place of  peace and love.

9) I heard that some groups practice in the "nude" do you? no we do not practice in the nude or what most call skyclad but, we might possibly go to an event that some will be.


10) Do you teach online? no this not an online group, we are a physical circle that meets in person for sabbats,esbats, events, and classes.



 11) am I a member of the coven if I regularly come to rituals? No you are considered a guest, you are not a full member until you are dedicated into the circle.



 12) Are you an online group? no we are a group that meets physically though we do have forum for our members so we can talk when away if needed.



 13) Do you offer a formal study program? yes we offer a year and day program-dedicant, 1,2 and 3 degree. I expect my students to take their studies serious. I also place you in the degree I feel you are ready for, I will not put you in somewhere you are not ready. Also sometimes people do not fit with the group after some time, that is a personal decision if you decide to leave the group, I do not hold any hard feelings as each path a person has is personal. I expect you to honor your time I took to teach you and be respectful as you go on your journey. I wish you well and hope you find what you are looking for.




15) Do you perform handfastings and rites of passages? yes I can as I am a legally ordained minister.



16) Why is membership closed? At this time we do have members going thru classes and if you would like can always possibly attend open rituals when offered.


​17) Why did I get removed from the group? Your energies did not fit with the group, or issues were being caused with members. We wish you well on your journey, peace and be well. This does not make  you or me a  bad person it is just sometimes personalities do not work together.


18) how is the coven run? The coven is run by me the HPS, all seekers and members that wish to dedicate to the coven are interviewed and voted upon and it must be by a unanimous vote. All issues you work between yourselves, if you can't solve it is brought to me. All members have a voice with the coven. We have what is called a SOC (State of the Coven) meeting. All members at that time can also voice any issues with a discussion with the group. So, any grievances are always  not taken lightly are not ignored. I do not tolerate any abuse or dramatics within my coven. All decisions made by the council are by majority vote.​